June 2020 - Welcome to June 2020, a pivotal month in your year’s storybook. Many cosmic forces are at work to change your life at this time, and you will be watching as your world continues to shift around you. The universe is demanding that the human collective evolve on many levels: on a global scale in relation to economics and power, but also on our own personal journey as we reflect on the past to better determine our future. The year 2020 will surely be an epoch that redirects your fate forever. As you step into June, you will see even more why the tides are turning now.

As we enter the month, there are several cosmic factors already at play, many of which are all retrograde, pulling us karmically to the past. We can learn from it and choose what gets to stay or go as we recreate our inner and outer worlds. Saturn, planet of maturity and life lessons, is moving backward in Aquarius, helping us reassess how we relate to our communities near and far. Jupiter, planet of miracles and fortune, along with Pluto, planet of rebirth and intensity, are also crawling backward in Capricorn. This means that we are undergoing a powerful transformation and learning how to utilize our inner power to create luck and prosper once again. Venus, planet of love and beauty, will also be retrograde at the beginning of the month, and turn direct on June 24. During Venus retrograde, we always face a karmic lesson regarding our relationships and intimacy. Sometimes exes, twin flames, or past-life connections return so we can face them and rekindle their light to once again bring it into our future. However, sometimes we cross paths a final time to remember what we were meant to learn from them all along and let them go forever. As you can tell, this is certainly a month in which the past is here to teach us valuable lessons.

Also, June marks the return of eclipse season. Eclipses represent destiny and often mark significant turning points in our life. We will have three eclipses this summer—two in June alone. The first, a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (at 15 degrees), arrives on the fifth. Collectively, this will be a moment when our attention is drawn to international relations and integrating new ideas into our individual reality. This is the first chapter on the eclipse axis of Gemini-Sagittarius that begins now and echoes on into 2021. These eclipses are meaningful because they activate the mind and knowledge and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone. Only through new experiences can we grow and reach our greatest potential. The second eclipse, a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer (at 0 degrees), is on June 20. This will be a time when we collectively feel more emotional and are focused on our “roots.” Unite closer to your tribe—blood or chosen—and create a more solid foundation that you feel confident standing upon. Only then can you reach your greatest hopes and dreams in this lifetime.

Mercury, planet of the mind, will also be adding smog to the air as it is in pre-shadow throughout most of the month and officially turns retrograde in Cancer on June 17 (at 14 degrees). This is yet another call back to the past showing that you have not learned everything from it and need to give your relationships, plans, and inner world more time to reflect, heal, and revise. In order to move into the future, you must reignite some of the connections and projects from before, because the universe knows they are critical in the chapters that still lie ahead for you. You also could be facing the past to clear space to ready yourself for new beginnings in the months and years ahead. Release and let go of ties to the past that burden you once and for all. Neptune, planet of imagination and spirituality, turns backward in Pisces on the twenty-second (at 21 degrees), so expect your dreams to become more active in the weeks to come. The universe is teaching you to trust your intuition while respecting your intellect. Be safe during these times, and, above all, listen to your heart.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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